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So Yan Kei 蘇恩祺
Name in pinyin: Su Enqi
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1969-
Art Medium: mixed media work
So Yan Kei received her MFA from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She was the first Chinese artist selected by P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York City in 1999 and has been actively exhibiting her works in local and overseas exhibitions. She has received several awards and scholarships: Rising Artist Award Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2003); Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship, Asian Cultural Council, New York (2001); Freeman Foundation Asian Artist Award, Vermont (1999) & Urban Council Fine Arts Award, Contemporary Kong Kong Art Biennial (1998).
I would rather you didn't know it (1995) cloth, doll size unknownThe Chicken in the Pond (1996) glass, candle, doll size unknownThe Bad Art Show (1997) acrylic, cockroaches size unknownBitter Gourd No.5 (1997 ) ice, refrigerated truck, photo, candy, record player size unknown
Perfect Tense (1997) steel, water, envelop size unknownAsk Me Tomorrow (1999) mirror, bath tub, cloth, steel, pull toys size unknownWhat kind of thing can last forever? (1998) piano, sand, doll size unknownCan you hear me? (2000) stone, sensor, fog machine size unknown
Hair Dryer for Francis Bacon (2000) razor, fan, steel size unknownFind (2000) paper size unknownHide and Seek (2000) hand-make doll, video projection, mercurochrome size unknownMiss Garley (2001) steel, punching machine size unknown
l l (2002) steel, punching machine, fog machine size unknownBattery Operated Car (2003) battery operated toys car, steel size unknownBlack (2003) water, paint, pump size unknownBlack Wall (2003) video projection size unknown
Gold (2003) paint, pump size unknownMemo (2003) memo pad, pen size unknownRed (2003) cloth, fire size unknownRevolution (2003) steel size unknown
White (2003) mirror size unknown
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