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Cheung Wan Man, Amy 張韻雯
Name in pinyin: Zhang Yunwen
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: unknown-
Art Medium: installation,mixed media work,performance
Amy obtained her BA in History of Art and Fine Art from Goldsmith's College, University of London in 1996 and MFA in Mixed Media from the Slade School of Fine Art, University of London in 1998. Since graduation, she initiated numerous city interventions and public art projects and has been actively involved in many local and overseas exhibitions. She also gained valuable experiences participating in different artist-in-residence programs in Australia and Europe. Her projects had been supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and various overseas institutions. Amy was chosen as Beck’s Newcontemporaries in 1997 and as the Unesco/Aschberg Laureate in 2004.
72 Hours of Sound and Vision made in Hong Kong (30/06 - 02/07/1997) 72 hour blindfolded action and documentation Frozen Dislocated Shocket Plug-ged away Home Precise Warmth (1997) Site-specific installation O Could be You (1997) Context-specific Intervention Pillow Head (1999 onwards) City intervention, visual diaries, photos, video, performance, HK
Studio Air (2000) City intervention, Tram, Finland Tourism on Cloud is Prohibited (2000) Newspaper and City Intervention, Como Space Sofa Voyager 3000 (2002) Multimedia installation for children, City Hall, Hong Kong Remaking the Character, the Game and the Horror Elements (2002) Installation and performance, “A.K.T.III Between Fiction and Reality” International Performance Festival, Brno, Czech Republic
Untitled/ The Population (2002) Video installation in Public Space, Hong Kong $ on China (2003-07) Architectural and landscape project, Shenzhen, China Indefinitive Portraiture (2003 onwards) Photography Down the Rabbit Hole, “Taxi!!” says Alice (2004) Public Art/ Intervention Project, Hong Kong
Ivory Parables amid an Amnesiac’s Skin (2005) Live art/ Performance, Hong Kong Atom Ocean: Once We are Dead, We don’t have to Worry about Dying (2006) Exhibited in the Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme III, Hong Kong Future project: A bleeding toy from childhood (2006) A 1:1 scale toy tank made of wood
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Contact the artist: amy@handkerchief.com.hk
Official artist website: http://www.handkerchief.com.hk, http://www.amycheung.hk/

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