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Man Ching Ying, Phoebe 文晶瑩
Name in pinyin: Wen Jingying
Also known as:
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Dates: 1969-
Art Medium:
Man graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1991, majoring in Fine Arts, and received her MFA degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her video work 'Rati' won the Distinguished Award of the Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Award in 2000. 'Rati (version3.2)' was invited to show in various film and video festivals in Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway and Brazil. She participated in numerous group shows including 'Inside Out: New Chinese Art' (1998-2000, United States, Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong), 'Rest Nest' (Taiwan, 2000), 'Plastic Work and Prostheses Construction' (Hong Kong, 2000). She received a fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council and the Urban Council Fine Arts Award from the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 1998. She was also selected to be one of the ten 'Smart Women of the 21st Century' by Marie Claire in the same year. Being the core member of Para/Site Art Space, she curated shows and wrote art reviews to promote Hong Kong art. Currently she is an Instructor at the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong.
Rice Bed (1994) Rice, wood 2x1.5x2mRice Fruit Sandwich (1994) Rice, condom, Bible, wood & string 0.4x0.4x2mFish Noodle (1994) Instant noodle, salt fish & pump 45x60x80cmMargarine Wall (1996) Margarine, wood 5x.0.5x3m
Site-seeing (1996) Construction waste, a slide, mirror Dimension variableBeautiful Flowers (1996) Sanitary napkins, red egg shell, a chair & a red light bulb 4x3x2mA Present For Her Growth 3 (1996) Sanitary napkins, plastic balls & pins 3x3x0.2mA Present For Her Growth 4 (1996) Sanitary napkins & red egg shell 3x4x1m
"June 96" (1996) Pillows & scissors 2x1.7x0.5mA Present For Her Growth 4 (1996) Paper & cloth 6x8x10mTsao (1997) Mixed media 1.5x0.4x0.4m97 Reunification, I am Happy… (1997) Plastic Dimensions variable
Orange (1997) Sanitary napkins, egg shells, water, glasses, leaves, herb medicine 2.3x2.15x2.5mUntitled (1999) Rice, condom 3x3x0.2mDisembodied Bodies (2000) Web art A Masquerade on the Internet (2000) Web art
Rati (2000) Web art
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2001 Man Ching Ying, Phoebe interviewed by Leung Po Shan [in Chinese 中文訪問]
Contact the artist: cyman@para-site.org.hk
Official artist website: http://www.cyman.net

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