Visiting Lam Tung Pang’s studio was a refreshing experience for me, as it made me rethink art-making as a process and inspired me to use creative ways to communicate abstract ideas.

The way Tung Pang laid out the materials in his studio is fascinating to me – it’s very rare for students to participate in the development of an art project and to peer into an artist’s “brain”. The opportunity to interact with the bits and bobs he collected and to flip through his research materials has encouraged me to adopt a similar approach: letting my ideas develop organically and finding inspiration around me. 

I was also inspired by Tung Pang’s way of explaining his project idea through music. The seemingly out-of-sync playback of a Japanese song and its Cantonese equivalent encapsulates the idea of “Half Step House” so well – the feeling of in-between, making sense of the similarities and differences when two cultures meet. His example is a constant reminder for me to experiment and to find creative ways when conveying a message, without sacrificing its clarity.

Upon choosing to research Shatin and Tsunan rice, I hope to discover new ways to bridge two lands and communities that are physically apart, but with a common history of grains as their staple diet (who knows, maybe we’ll make some food too)!

Anna Lam
Anna Lam
Student Intern