Public Academic Events

We organize academic events at various scales that welcome the public. While most of these events are held on the HKU campus, some are also co-organised, allowing us to reach out other communities. These academic programmes include:

Departmental Student Events

We provide current students with different kinds of experiential learning outside of the traditional curriculum and help graduating students prepare for their next steps upon graduation. These student-oriented functions include:

  • workshops Go >
  • information sessions Go >
  • staff student consultative committee meeting Go >

Other Events

Open Day and Info Day

We recommend that prospective students and interested individuals attend the annual University Open Day. Current students and faculty members will be there to share their experience at HKU and answer any specific questions.

  • Information day: 28 October 2023 Go >>
Social Gatherings

We are grateful to see a growing community of students, staff, and alumni. We celebrate and foster department collegiality through functions like:

  • welcome/ farewell parties Go >
  • anniversary celebrations Go >
  • memorials