Technique Workshops

All of our academic programmes focus on art history, but we believe it is important for art history students to understand and appreciate the techniques behind the art making process. This annual technique workshop aims to provide students with hands-on experience. Students work directly with a variety of tools and materials to observe and learn basic techniques, so that they are exposed to this amazing creation aspect of art works and can form more grounded discussions.

Art Workshops

University Artists Scheme

The University Artists Scheme was officially launched in 2008 and is the first programme of its kind to be held at HKU. The Scheme aims to bring artists of international caliber to our campus to enrich the lives of our students, staff, and the wider Hong Kong community through a series of activities held over a two-year period. The University Artists Scheme 2017-2019 is hosted by the Faculty of Arts and is generously supported by Dr Alice Lam.

2017-19 Patty Chang
2014-16 Glenn Davidson and Anne Hayes Artstation
2011-13 Gu Wenda

Writing Workshops

As most of the art history assessments are in form of essays, our students develop their research skills simultaneously with their academic writing skill. Although the university provides English-language support (CAES) and requires compulsory English courses, as a department with high expectations for students’ writing ability, we offer additional guidance that is specific to our majors/minors. The annual writing workshop covers topics including:

  • logical argumentation
  • writing style
  • professional use of quotations and citations
  • common grammatical mistakes

CV and Interview Workshops

To prepare students for graduation, the department invites an expert to host an annual CV and interview workshop. Students will learn what makes a professional CV and how they can present the best version of themselves in interviews.

The 2 hours workshop covers:

  • CV preparation
  • Interview preparation and etiquette