The Hong Kong Art Archive has been founded with the aim of promoting awareness and study of Hong Kong artistic achievement on a worldwide basis. It hopes to provide students, academic researchers in the fields of art history, visual culture etc., curators and others interested in modern and contemporary Chinese art with electronic and physical resources, particularly with respect to the work of living Hong Kong artists. At present the HKAA exists only on a modest scale, but if resources permit we hope to expand it in due course. All donations and offers of sponsorship are welcome.

The HKAA's electronic resources are:

1. A visual archive of images of works by Hong Kong artists, together with associated documentation. An opening page enables you to scroll down an alphabetical listing of the artists currently included in the archive, and view a small-scale sample image for each artist. From here you can click to pages devoted to individual artists, and examine a wider range of images at a larger scale. The artists currently included in the HKAA are listed below. Visitors who already know which artists interest them can click directly to their individual pages from here.

Abbas, NadimAranita, Jeffrey du Vallier d'AragonAu Hoi LamCascante III, JustoChan ChikChan Chung Shu
Chan GaylordChan Hoi YingChan Kwan Lap, EddyChan Ping TimChan Shing KauChan Wai Man, Raymond
Chan Yuk KeungChao Hai TienChau LamChen, MovanaCheng MingCheng Yi, Caroline
Cheung Hon HungCheung Kam LongCheung Nga Yin, LuciaCheung Wan Man, AmyCheung YeeChing Chin Wai, Luke
Cho Hyun JaeChoi Yan ChiChou, IreneChow Chun FaiChow Suk Fan, JosephineChow, Don
Chu AlmondChu Hing WahChu Tat ShingChui Tze HungChung Chee Yan, WilsonChung Tai Fu
Clarke, DavidCostadimas, EvangeloFord, Norman JacksonFung Hon Kee, JosephFung Mei Wah, MayFung Wing Kee, Raymond
Geiger-Ho, MartieGo Man Ching, SimonHa Bik ChuenHarris, DominiqueHo Bing KuenHo Hing Kay, Oscar
Ho Sin TungHo Siu KeeHo, SeemanHon Chi FunHung HoiHung Keung
Jao Tsung-IKan Tai KeungKeung Pei ChongKo Chi Keung, AlfredKo Wah Man, NormanKong Ho
Koo MeiKum Chi KeungKwan Sheung ChiKwan, JerryKwok Mang HoKwok Ying
Lai Kin Keung, EdwinLai Ming Hoi, VictorLam Laam, JaffaLam Tian XingLam Tung-pangLam Wai Kit
Lam Yuk Lin, PaulineLau Chai FatLau Ching PingLau Pui Yee, GukzikLau Siu Hong, FreemanLaw Sum Po, Jamsen
Lee Chee Fong, PatrickLee Ka SingLee KitLee Kwok Chuen, WoodyLee, AriesLee, Holly
Leong Ka TaiLeung Chi WoLeung Koon Ming, JakieLeung Kui TingLeung Mee PingLeung Po Shan, Anthony
Leung Yam BoonLeung Yeu Fai, JosiahLi Kwok MingLi Wei Han, RosannaLi Yu Fan, JacquelineLiang Yee Woo, Evelyna
Liew Come TongLiu Siu JaneLo Sun-changLo Sze Lim, ChrisLo Yin ShanLo Yuen Man, Yvonne
Lo Yuk Yin, LucilleLui Chun KwongLui Fung Ngar, EddieLui Siu Wai, DavidMak FungMak Hin Yeung, Antonio
Man Ching Ying, PhoebeMan Fung YiMAP OfficeMok Hing LingMok Yat SunNg Kwun Lun, Tony
Ng Tak TungNg Yuen WahNg, KingsleyO'Brien, Robert JohnOu Da WeiPak Sheung Chuen, Tozer
Pau, EllenPoon Chun WahSham Ka Ho, BobbyShieh Ka Ho, WilsonSit Lik HoiSlavick, Madeleine Marie
So Hing KeungSo Yan KeiSze Yuen, JannieTam Wai Ping, LukasTang Ho Tat, TopTang Wing Chi
Tang Ying Chi, StellaTang, RingoThorpe, Renee MelchertTing Chih JenTo Shui MingTo, Hiram
To, MarzoTong King SumTsang Chui MeiTsang Kin-wahTsang Tak PingTsang Wing Kwong
Tse Ming ChongTse, SarahTsui Chee Kui, JosephTung Hing YeeVan LauVigneron, Frank
Wan Lai Kuen, AnnieWan Qing LiWang HaiWong Chi Hang, SaraWong Hi SunWong Kai Yu
Wong Kei KwanWong KumWong Kwok Choi, KaceyWong Lai Ching, FionaWong Ping Pui, StanleyWong Sau Ching
Wong Shun KitWong Wai YinWong Wo BikWong WuciusWong Yan Kwai, YankWong, Magdalen
Yan LeiYeung Sau Churk, RickyYeung Tong LungYik Yuet SekYip Pak Ho, HenryYoung Hay
Yu ArnoldYu Wai Luen, FrancisZheng Bo

2. A guide to the literature on Hong Kong art. This online searchable bibliography is intended to provide the kind of resources for students and researchers that is readily available in the case of English language material concerning Western art, but which has not so far been available for students of its Hong Kong counterpart.

3. A guide to art exhibitions that have taken place in Hong Kong. This online searchable resource aims to provide a chronology of art events in Hong Kong, whether they feature Hong Kong artists or those from overseas.

4. A collection of online articles, interviews, artists' statements and other textual resources in either English or Chinese, plus a collection of essays on Hong Kong art written by students of the Art History Department, HKU.

The physical resources of the archive, which currently consist of a reference collection of books, exhibition catalogues and other materials on Hong Kong art, is located in the Resource Centre of the Department of Art History, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong (Room 1029 on the 10th floor of the Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, phone: 852-39172614). All are welcome to consult the archive during office hours (please phone before visiting).

Please direct all inquiries and suggestions concerning the archive to the Archive Manager via contact link below. Due to resource limitations, we regret that we are not currently able to conduct research in the HKAA on behalf of callers.

I hope you will find the archive of help.

David Clarke,

Founder and Academic Director,

Hong Kong Art Archive.

Head Counter


--, Archive Manager, Hong Kong Art Archive.

--, Project Coordinator, Hong Kong Art Archive.

HKAA address: Room 1029, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

HKAA phone: 852-39172614

HKAA e-mail:


1. The Hong Kong Art Archive has received funding support from the Endowment Fund for Music and Fine Arts, Hong Kong University (2000) and the University Research Committee, Hong Kong University (2001). The HKAA also embodies research enabled by Hong Kong Research Grants Council Earmarked Grant For Research (project number HKU7176/OOH).

2. Images of Antonio Mak's works are provided by Susan Fong, the artist's widow. All other images and associated information has been provided by the artists themselves. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to them for their support.

3. The whole project, including collection of information, categorization of materials, compilation of database and construction of website, could not have been accomplished without the efforts of the hard-working staff members employed at different stages of the archive's development. They are Grace Wong, Zoe Li, Chan Kuen On, Connie Lo, Joan Ho, Maggie Wong, Grace Chu, Manir Chan, Silvia Fok, Yancy Leung and Alice Tsui. We would like to thank the Department of Art History ( and its academic and administrative staff for their support.

4. The HKAA wishes to express its thanks to the following volunteers, who made crucial contributions to the project's success. Linda Chan offered us her web design skills at the early stage of the archive's development. Shek Wai Kueng offered essential help with the programming of the website, transforming the databases into online searchable resources.

Copyright Notice:

Pages in this information system may be linked to any other Web pages. Information contained within the Hong Kong Art Archive pages is intended for personal study purposes. All data and images are protected by copyright. Unauthorized use or electronic dissemination is prohibited by applicable laws. Please contact the HKAA for permission to republish any material. Unless otherwise noted, the copyright of all images in the visual archive rests with the respective artists.

Other Archives on Hong Kong Art:

1. The Asia Art Archive is a non-profit center in Hong Kong documenting the recent history of visual arts from Asia. The majority of their current catalogued materials and holdings relate to materials on contemporary art from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Please visit its website at

2. Hong Kong Museum of Art online Hong Kong Art Research Portal. Its Resource Center is accessible by appointment (enquiry: 852-27342114). [The center provides reference materials including books, periodicals, art videos and artists archive on Chinese art, Western art and museum studies.]

3. Hong Kong Heritage Museum Hong Kong Art Archive website [The archive includes information on artists, art organizations and events.]

4. The Hong Kong Art Archive of the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, access by request (enquiry: 852-26097615, contact persons: Chan Yuk Keung and Harold Mok). [The archive is a collection of materials related to Hong Kong art and it is an ongoing project.]

5. The University of Hong Kong, Department of Art History Resource Centre web catalogue

6. The Sabrina Fung Fine Arts SFFA Project Hong Kong Art Web [This website is a platform for current multi-discipline contemporary art in Hong Kong.]

The Hong Kong Art Archive is honoured to be chosen as one of the HKU Faculty of Arts 90th Anniversary projects.

Last updated: 3 July, 2020.