Parallel Art Histories: Activism, Aboriginal Art and Australian Identities in the Work of Richard Bell

Farmer, Alice
Supervisor: Dr. K. Wyma

Sketching the Peasants of a New China

Halim, Helena
Supervisor: Dr. A.C. Baecker

A Stage for the World: French Exoticism in the Gesamtkunstwerk of the Ballets Russes

Xian, Weijian
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas

Beyond Landscape: The Roles of Ni Zan and Sheng Mou in Framing the Canon of Yuan Landscape Paintings

Yip, Po Sum Charlotte
Supervisor: Dr. R.L. Hammers


Kaleidoscopic Adventures: Shahzia Sikander’s Journey(s) Through History

Chen, Bonnie Hor Yee 陳可兒
Supervisor: Dr. K. Wyma

Materializing Absentness: Sculptural Matters in the Works of Louise Bourgeois and Eva Hesse

Cheung, Tsz Yu 
Supervisor: Dr. S. Ng

Finding Lui Shou-Kwan’s Place in the History of Modern Asian Art: 1950’s & 60’s

Cox, Carrie Bigelow
Supervisor: Dr. Y.W. Koon

Should We Cancel the Elgin Marbles?

Ho, Ryan 何析彥
Supervisor: Dr. S. McFadden

Diving into Henri Matisse’s Waters: Multifaceted Perspectives of Time and Space in the Swimming Pool

Tam, Hoi Lan 譚凱蘭
Supervisor: Prof. F. Vigneron

“Monstrous Craving”: Corporeal Hybridity, Transgressive Desire, and the Female Morphine Addict in Fin de Siècle Visual Culture

Van Delft, Dominique Catharina
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas

The Embodiment of Beauty: Examining the Ming Dynasty “Shinü tu” by Tang Yin and Wu Wei

Yang, Anqi 楊安琪
Supervisor: Prof. L. Blanchard


Re-inventing Helen: Eleanor Antin’s Helen’s Odyssey

Cheung, Yu Yan 張瑜茵
Supervisor: Dr. V.K. Sheng

Imagery of efficacy: A Daoist frontispiece by Liang Kai of the southern Song dynasty

Sun, Jingyu 孫婧娛
Supervisor: Dr. R.L. Hammers

Beyond the Mirror: Tang Chang’s Self Portraits as Anti-canonical Resistance

Tsui, Enid Hiu Yue 徐曉瑜
Supervisor: Dr. K. Wyma