Applicants admitted to the MPhil and PhD as full-time candidates are automatically offered a Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS), which is sufficient to cover both tuition and living expenses. The PGS requires the student to work 100 hours per year for the department, usually as a Teaching Assistant. The Department is also able to nominate outstanding PhD candidates for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF), the University Postgraduate Fellowship (UPF), or the Outstanding Overseas Student Award at the time of admission. These awards provide more generous funding than the baseline PGS. The Outstanding Overseas Student Award is only available to students from outside China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau; all other scholarships are awarded regardless of country of origin or place of residence. More information on current fees and funding are available here.

Once enrolled, postgraduate students are eligible to apply for conference/travel support from the University Research Committee (URC) and the Research Grants Council (RGC). The Department also provides some additional travel funding to help postgraduate students conduct research overseas.