The Development of Lu Shoukun’s Art

Chan, Flora Kay 陳鳳姬
Supervisor: Prof. H.Y. Shih

The Development of the Jingdezhen Kilns in the Yuan Dynasty

Yeung, Chun Tong 楊春棠
Supervisor: Prof. H.Y. Shih


Research on the Art of Zhu Ming with Special Focus on His ‘Taiji’ and ‘The Living World’ series

Lui, Shi Mun Patricia 呂詩敏
Supervisors: Dr. N. Corazzo, Prof. H.Y. Shih

The Study of Liao Ceramics

Mok, Kar Leung Harold 莫家良
Supervisor: Prof. H.Y. Shih

A Study of the Stone Sculptures of Dazu, Sichuan Province, with Special Reference to Dafowan at Baodingshan

Wong, Yin Fong Anita 黃燕芳
Supervisor: Mr. S.C. Chuang