Art and the Taiping Rebellion

Ho, Yi Hsing Joan 何懿行
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan

Concepts of Realism in relation to the Landscape Paintings of John Constable

Kwok, Yin Ning 郭燕寧
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas

Transformation in the Aesthetics of Tea Culture in Japan

Maetani, Masumi 前谷真壽美
Supervisor: Dr. P.R. Stanley-Baker

Jewish Imagery and Orientalism in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century European Art

Tsang, Wing Yi 曾穎怡
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas


Dream, Pilgrimage and Dragons in the Kegon Engi Emaki (Illustrated Legends of the Kegon Patriarchs): Reading Ideology in Kamakura Buddhist Narrative Scrolls

Chen, Yuk Yue 陳玉茹
Supervisor: Dr. P.R. Stanley-Baker


The Shanghai Art College, 1913-1937

Zheng, Jie Jane 鄭潔
Supervisors: Prof. Q.L. Wan, Prof. G.M. Thomas, Prof. D.J. Clarke


Public Art in Hong Kong

Cheung, Wai Ting Stephanie 張慧婷
Supervisors: Prof. D.J. Clarke, Prof. G.M. Thomas

Indian Women Painters from the 1970s to the 1990s with Special Reference to the Work of Arpana Caur

Lalvani, Tasha
Supervisors: Dr. R. Ghose, Prof. G.M. Thomas

The Seal-Engraving Art of Deng Shiru (1743-1805)

Lau, Ho Man 劉浩敏
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan

Modern Dance Choreography in 1990s Hong Kong

Lau, Tin Ming 劉天明
Supervisor: Prof. D.J. Clarke

The Chinese Women’s Calligraphy and Painting Society: The First Women’s Art Society in Modern China

Leung, Mei Yin Doris 梁美賢
Supervisors: Dr. C.D. Muir, Dr. E.K. Lai

Ren Bonian’s Zhong Kui Paintings

Luk, Yu Ping 陸於平
Supervisors: Prof. Q.L. Wan, Prof. D.J. Clarke

Kayama Matazo’s Nihonga

Parlett, Shiori
Supervisor: Dr. P.R. Stanley-Baker


From Aestheticism to the Modern Movement: Whistler, the Artists Colony of St. Ives and Australia 1884-1910

Thomson, Jonathan Wyville
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas

Collecting and Picturing the Orient: China’s Impact on 19th Century European Art

Wong, Mei Kin Maggie 黃美堅
Supervisors: Prof. G.M. Thomas, Prof. D.J. Clarke


The Reception of Western Art History in Republican China

Feng, Huanian  馮華年
Supervisors: Prof. D.J. Clarke, Prof. Q.L. Wan

The Development of the Stars (Xingxing) Artists, 1979-2000

Fok, Siu Har Silvia 霍少霞
Supervisors: Prof. D.J. Clarke, Prof. Q.L. Wan


Words and Images in Contemporary Hong Kong Art, 1984-1997

Lai, Mei Lin Eliza 黎美蓮
Supervisor: Prof. D.J. Clarke

A Study of Kang Youwei’s (1858-1927) Guang Yizhou Shuangji

Lau, Chak Kwong  劉澤光
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan

The Spirit of Asobi as seen in Sotatsu’s Work

Packard, Keiko I.
Supervisor: Dr. P.R. Stanley-Baker

The Case of Wang Yiting (1867-1938): A Unique Figure in Early Twentieth Century Chinese Art History

Siu, Fun Kee 蕭芬琪
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan