Art for the New Nation: the Rise of the Lingnan School in the 1920s and the 1930s

Liu, Yan Prynne 劉艷
Supervisor: Dr. Y.W. Koon


Britain’s Imagination: China-inspired Elements in the English Landscape Garden, c.1720-1870

Luo, Yi 羅易
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas


The Display of Chinese Art in Late 19th-century French Houses and Museums

Wong, Yuet Heng 黃悅行
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas

Pang Xunqin’s Wartime Paintings, 1937-1946

Yang, Qingkang 楊慶康
Supervisor: Prof. D.J. Clarke


Style, Identity, Genre: Inventing the Le Nain Brothers in Seventeenth-century Paris

Cheng, Y.S. Grace
Supervisor: Dr. O. Mansour

Representing the Literatus: Portraiture and Identity in Yuan Figure Painting

Leung, Ge Yau 梁芷柔
Supervisor: Dr. R.L. Hammers


The Joseon Fine Art Exhibition under Japanese Colonial Rule

Lee, Yoon Yung 이윤영
Supervisor: Dr. Y.W. Koon


Christian Faith in the Art of Wu Li (1632-1718)

Fung, Nok Kan Nicole 馮諾勤
Supervisor: Dr. Y.W. Koon

Envisioning Authority: The Mongol Imperium and the Yonglegong Mural Paintings and Architecture

Li, Chun Tung 李俊彤
Supervisor: Dr. R.L. Hammers


‘Strange Machines’ from the West: European Curiosities at the Qing Imperial Courts, 1644-1796

Braun, Stephanie Eva
Supervisors: Dr. Y.W. Koon (primary), Prof. G.M. Thomas

Fashioning Food in Impressionist Painting

Wong, Sau Mui Alice 黃秀梅
Supervisor: Prof. G.M. Thomas


Refuge and Empty Pavilions: Encountering Ni Zan (1306-1374)

Leung, Pui Yi 梁佩儀
Supervisors: Dr. R.L. Hammers (primary), Dr. C.D. Muir

A Reassessment of Donatello’s and Titian’s Penitent Magdalens and the Perspectives They Offer on Women and Religion in the Italian Renaissance Art and Society

Soden, Katie Jane
Supervisor: Dr. C.D. Muir