Seismic States: The Changing System of Support for Contemporary Art in China, 1978-1999

DeBevoise, Jane Boettgen
Supervisor: Prof. D.J. Clarke


Performance Art and the Body in Contemporary China

Fok, Siu Har Silvia 霍少霞
Supervisor: Prof. D.J. Clarke


Mid-Muromachi Flower and Bird Painting in Ashikaga Painting Circles

Ng, Yuk Lan 吳玉蘭
Supervisor: Dr. P.R. Stanley-Baker


China Trade Painting: 1750s to 1880s

Lee, Sai Chong Jack 李世莊
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan


Chen Shizeng (1862-1923) and the Reform of Chinese Art

Gao, Xindan 高昕丹
Supervisors: Prof. Q.L. Wan, Prof. D.J. Clarke

Zhang Daqian’s (1899-1983) Place in the History of Chinese Painting

Law, Suk Mun Sophia 羅淑敏
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan

The Conventional and the Individual in Fu Baoshi’s (1904-1965) Painting

Siu, Fun Kee 蕭芬琪
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan


The Life and Art Photography of Lang Jingshan (1892-1995)

Lai Kin Keung, Edwin 黎健強
Supervisor: Prof. Q.L. Wan

Dance Sculpture as a Visual Motif of the Sacred and the Secular: A Comparative Study of the Belur Cennakesava and the Halebidu Hoysalesvara Temples

Ramaswami, Siri
Supervisor: Dr. R. Ghose

Patterns in the Collecting and Connoisseurship of Chinese Art in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Wear, Eric Otto 華立強
Supervisor: Prof. D.J. Clarke, Prof. Q.L. Wan