Introduction to Western art history

Lecturer: Greg M. THOMAS

6 credits

This course surveys the history of Western art from ancient Greece and Rome to the 21st century. From ancient painting and sculpture to modern photography and conceptual art, it explains how art communicates ideas and values that have shaped Western civilization and how art has developed in relation to changes in historical context, including politics, religion, science, economics, and society. Students will learn about major artistic movements, common techniques of Western art, and methods for interpreting visual culture both visually and historically. No previous knowledge of art history is assumed.

100% coursework




“The course is brilliantly taught. The selection of content is relevant and interesting, while also not being too challenging for newcomers to the subject.”

ARTH1001 student, 2020-2021

“The course provides a critical yet engaging overview of the introduction to Western Art. The teacher was very thorough and inspiring.”

ARTH1001 student, 2020-2021

“This is the best course I have taken in university! Very interesting and informative.”

ARTH1001 student, 2020-2021

“The topics were interesting, and there was clear structure throughout the course. The teacher genuinely wanted to share his passion with students, and at the same time assessment criteria was very clear.”

ARTH1001 student, 2020-2021

“Professor Thomas delivers the content in an extremely lucid and engaging manner.”

ARTH1001 student, 2020-2021