Northern Renaissance Art

Lecturer: Sim Hinman WAN

Previously taught by: G. BRYDA
6 credits

This course examines the art produced in the Low Countries, Germany, and France between about 1300 and 1550. Covering a range of artistic production including illuminated manuscripts, portraits, prints, and altarpieces, the course examines the period’s revolutionary technical innovations, intellectual concepts, and changes in attitudes toward the making and nature of art. While focusing on Renaissance art in different regions of northern Europe, we will also study its global connections.

100% coursework

One 1000-level Art History course



“Being able to really see clearly the oeuvres of the key artists in the Northern Renaissance movement.”

ARTH2013 student, 2017-2018

“Very detailed analysis concerning the topic. Very insightful lecture.”

ARTH2013 student, 2017-2018

“Informative and exciting.”

ARTH2013 student, 2017-2018