American art

6 credits

This course surveys painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture in the United States from European settlement to 1945.  The underlying theme is how art in the United States has helped project various new ideologies and values associated with this young and unique nation.  Issues to be considered in relation to art include Protestant values, democracy, wilderness, racial conflict, capitalism, popular culture, and America’s gradual rise to power.

100% coursework




“It is very informative, and it is exactly what I hope I would learn.”

ARTH2020 student, 2017-2018

“Structure of the course is nice with good balance of tests and essay and participation.”

ARTH2020 student, 2017-2018

“The course introduces the American art in a very broad aspect. It is comprehensive.”

ARTH2020 student, 2017-2018

“The artwork was explained in details with reference to the historical context.”

ARTH2020 student, 2017-2018

“Engaging lectures.”

ARTH2020 student, 2017-2018