The formation of modernity: Art in Europe, 1840-1890

Lecturer: Greg M. THOMAS

6 credits

This course examines the early formation of modern European visual culture, from Realism to the threshold of the 20th century. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography are discussed in relation to various historical and ideological developments, including industrial capitalism and the rise of bourgeois society; urban culture and mass media; leisure and tourism; new gender roles; and European imperialism. The movements of Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism are treated in depth.

100% coursework

One 1000-level Art History course



“The artworks and artists chosen are all very interesting.”

ARTH2027 student, 2018-2019

“A very great overview of the 19th century art but at the same time have in-depth discussion.”

ARTH2027 student, 2018-2019

“The structure of the course is very clear and the content is very comprehensive and intellectually intensive.”

ARTH2027 student, 2018-2019

“Fun, challenging and productive.”

ARTH2027 student, 2018-2019

“The course examines art historical issues thoroughly backed up with lots of background information.”

ARTH2027 student, 2018-2019