Modern western architecture

Lecturer: Greg M. THOMAS

6 credits

Tracing the development of modernity in western architecture, this course examines a series of movements and cities from the mid-18th century to the present. Major examples include Neoclassicism in Washington, D.C., Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, colonialism in Hong Kong and Shanghai, skyscrapers in Chicago and New York, and the international spread of Modernism and the diverse movements that have followed it. Emphasis is placed on construction technology, architectural theory, and the way buildings express institutional ideologies.  Tutorials include visits to local buildings.

100% coursework




“Very comprehensive overview about the history of Western architecture.”

ARTH2031 student, 2017-2018

“This course is interesting and enjoyable. I am learning what I expected.”

ARTH2031 student, 2017-2018

“The toturials were fun and very rewarding, especially as an exchange student it was great to learn about architecture in Hong Kong.”

ARTH2031 student, 2017-2018

“We can go out and look at real works!”

ARTH2031 student, 2017-2018