Arts of Japan

Lecturer: Caitlin KARYADI

Previously taught by: Yeewan KOON
6 credits

This course surveys the visual arts of Japan from prehistory to the nineteenth century. Following a chronological progression, students will learn about key monuments and objects—including painting, sculpture, ceramics, prints, architecture, lacquerware, and textiles—across the various epochs of premodern Japanese history. Lectures will explore the broader cultural and historical contexts that produced the artworks under consideration. Topics to be covered include the ongoing relationship with the past in Japanese visual culture, the impact of foreign cultures on local traditions, the role of ritual, changing patronage structures, and the evolving functions and expressions of Japanese art.

100% coursework




“The materials covered are very interesting.”

ARTH2048 student, 2018-2019

“This course is very organized and highly structured in a way that it is made clear for students what is expected, and how to fulfill these expectations.”

ARTH2048 student, 2018-2019

“Clear course arrangement, acceptable workload.”

ARTH2048 student, 2018-2019

“The content was interesting and eye-opening; I’ve enjoyed all the topics we covered.”

ARTH2048 student, 2018-2019

“Great coverage of materials and art works on the art of Japan.”

ARTH2048 student, 2018-2019