Introduction to ancient Egyptian art and architecture

Previously taught by: Susan COOKE
6 credits

Ancient Egyptian civilisation endured for more than 3,000 years and the many monuments, objects, and hieroglyphs that have survived are testimony to the splendour of ancient Egyptian culture, the beauty of its art, astounding accomplishments in its architecture, and the richness of its religious traditions. This course provides a general introduction to ancient Egyptian art and architectural forms (e.g. pyramids, tombs, temple complexes, wall paintings, sculpture, hieroglyphs), beginning with the period of unification (3100 BC), through the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom dynasties, and continuing to the beginning of the Ptolemaic period in 332 BC. Key political, military, cosmological, and socio-cultural developments in Egypt’s history will be examined in relation to artistic and architectural practices.

100% coursework