Medieval art and architecture

Previously taught by: Elizabeth A. LASTRA
6 credits

This course surveys the art and architecture of Europe and Byzantium during the Middle Ages, a thousand-year period from ca. 400 to 1400. Exploring medieval art and visual culture chronologically, we will consider a number of topics including pilgrimage, monasticism, iconoclasm, and court culture, particularly through the lens of cross-cultural exchange. The course covers a wide range of medieval artistic production, from various forms of painting and sculpture to mosaics, textiles, and architecture.

100% coursework




“I really enjoyed the group discussions held in class. They were good opportunities for me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in analysing readings by listening to what opinions others have during the discussion. especially when it was my turn to lead the group discussion, it was a good method for me to finding an author’s argument and better understanding their arguments through coming up with discussion questions.”

ARTH2094 student, 2021-2022

“Every class has a clear theme, the visual part is really great, the outline is also very clear.”

ARTH2094 student, 2017-2018

“The content is really interesting.”

ARTH2094 student, 2017-2018

“This course certainly opened by eyes, definitely sparked my interest in some areas, those cathedrals are absolutely stunning!”

ARTH2094 student, 2017-2018