Art of the ancient Roman world

Lecturer: Susanna MCFADDEN

6 credits

This class is a survey of the art and architecture of the Roman world from the foundation of the Republican (c. 6th century BCE) through the fall/transformation of the empire in late antiquity (4th century CE). Though chronological in structure, this course will also address overarching issues and themes found in art throughout the Roman era. In particular, through the lens of visual culture we will explore ancient and modern ideas (and ideals) of “Empire” and its effect on the peoples who lived within its territories. The Romans were keenly aware of the power of spectacle, and by extension visual culture as a means of spreading and maintaining political agendas across diverse geographic and ethnic boundaries. This study of Roman culture will therefore highlight the power of images in the ancient world to influence, subvert and/or invent history.

100% coursework