Hong Kong art workshop

Lecturer: Yeewan KOON

6 credits

This course will introduce Hong Kong art and related aspects of Hong Kong visual culture. It will be taught in a workshop format, and will provide the opportunity for students to develop skills in art criticism as well as an understanding of Hong Kong art history.

100% coursework

At least one 2000-level Art History course


Course-related Project

“Intellectually inspirng, one of the most high-quality courses in HKU.”

ARTH3013 student, 2017-2018

“Field trip, interview at the Art Basel and interviews with a professional who works at the art field were really exciting. It was really fun and I enjoyed very much.”

ARTH3013 student, 2017-2018

“We are able to conduct interviews and meet people on our own. Also brainstorming in class was also lots of fun.”

ARTH3013 student, 2017-2018

“Workshop based, very helpful.”

ARTH3013 student, 2017-2018