Preservation and conservation: Practices and concepts

Previously taught by: Jody BEENK
6 credits

This course explores the field of preservation and conservation within the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector, with a specific focus on collections care and object handling. The terms Preservation and Conservation will be examined, and students will be introduced to the history and ethics related to the field.  Emphasis is placed on understanding agents of deterioration and the environmental impacts on objects, along with collection care philosophies and methods. Outcomes will be obtained through lectures, readings, discussions, site visits and the hands-on examination of artefacts. This course is taught by the conservation staff of the HKU Libraries Preservation Centre. It is designed to introduce students to the field of preservation and conservation, and to the skills and further study required to pursue a career in conservation or a related specialism.

100% coursework

At least one 2000-level Art History course