Thanks to a generous continuing donation to the Department of Art History from the Arts and Education Limited, funding is available to support student travel.

Arts and Education Travel Grants support travel for art history students with limited financial resources to view works of art first hand and/or to engage in art-related projects or activities such as internships, research projects, or summer school programmes.

The grants range between HK$3,000 and HK$10,000.



Arts and Education Travel Grants are open to:

  • undergraduate students in year 2 or above who are majoring in Art History
  • postgraduate students in Art History

Travel must be completed prior to the end of the student’s studies (usually June 30 for graduating undergraduates).


Please submit your application form, together with the supporting documents and a copy of the academic transcripts or grades records to the Art History general office via email or in-person by the deadline.


To be announced

Application Form (coming soon)
Note: There is only one application form for all Art History travel grants. Submit one form only. 


Selection Criteria and Committee

Grants will be awarded based on three essential criteria:

  • academic ability
  • merit of the grant proposal
  • financial need

The selection committee is composed of three full-time teachers in the Department.

Responsibilities of Successful Applicants

On completion of the trip, each grant recipient must submit a report, including:

  • an account of the use of the award money
  • a thank-you letter to the donor
  • original receipts (for the reimbursement of expenses)

Failure to account for the proper use of the fund may lead to withdrawal of the award money.