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Call for HKU Information Day student volunteers

Date: 28 October 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 9am – 5pm 

2023 Info Day is coming, and it’s time for us to share with prospective students how amazing art history can be!

The event is going to run from around 9am-5pm, with one booth that’s with all other humanities subjects, and a separate room where we have VR terminals set up, as well as a 50min talk by Dr Hammers in the afternoon.

So, to make it work, we are looking for a team of 8-10 student volunteers. If you wish more people can get to know about art history, especially the young ones, and that you don’t mind helping out on that day, please send Nicole (fungnkn@hku.hk) a brief reply, and state:

1) your name
2) your year group (major/ minor)
3) am/pm/whole day*

*For volunteers staying for the whole day, you may claim up to $80 for lunch.

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