Course Revision


Go to FAIVA: The landing page shows the Artist A-Z List.


At the top menu bar select Browse by Course to display the list of courses available.


Click to select a course from the Course List on the main panel. A corresponding sub-menu of image folders will be displayed.


Select an image folder from this sub-menu.


Records of image with textual information will be displayed. Use the button to hide or show thumbnail image and detail information. Click on the image for larger view. To return to the previous page, use the Go back button.


Clicking on the thumbnail will bring up a larger size image. To further bring up a scalable full size image, click on the icon at the top left corner.

Research and Learning


Alternatively, upon landing on FAIVA’s front page with the Artist A-Z List, starts exploring by clicking on an artist name, or pick another alphabet from the list beneath the top menu and go to other artists.


Brief information of the chosen artist and a list of artworks will be displayed. To refine the search, type in any term at Search within result. To return to the previous page, use the Go back button.


The page will be refreshed, displaying a shorter list of records. The search term is highlighted in each record. Additional terms could be applied to further refine the result. To remove unwanted terms, click on the icon next to the terms listed under Current search.


Apart from Browse by Artist, another way to navigate is by historical period or art style. Click on the Browse by Style and Period button at the top menu bar to display the Style and Period List.


Select a period or style from the list on the main panel, its corresponding sub-menus will be displayed on the right. Click on an entry to display relevant records.


To facilitate exploring the database freely, a simple Search option is available at the top menu bar. Click on it to display a Quick Search form. An additional Advanced Search option is also available.


The Advanced Search function is useful for more specific search. Search terms could be entered for multiple fields here. While entering the search term, a hit-list will open upon the 3rd typed letter. Click on the listed term to choose. To remove unwanted terms, click on the icon.


The relevant records will be displayed with the search terms highlighted in each record.  The list of search terms applied are listed under Current search. To remove search terms, click on the icon. To return to the previous page for revision, use the Go back button.

for enquiries: 
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