Congratulations to the Pilgrims’ Guide project team, Dr. Elizabeth Lastra, Gigi Leung, student contributors and Grayscale Limited!

The Pilgrim’s Guide is a student-built website created by HKU undergraduates in the course ARTH2103 Saintly Bodies and Holy Shrines: The Art and Architecture of Medieval Pilgrimage. For their semester project, students took ownership over individual sites or objects associated with pilgrimage and researched, designed, and authored projects that together map the pilgrimage routes of Europe. The website’s namesake is a twelfth-century guide for pilgrims, considered to be one of the earliest travel guides ever written; however, the name equally refers to the site’s objective to guide the modern-day digital pilgrim in exploring medieval art from their homes.

This project received generous funding support from a University of Hong Kong Teaching Development Grant (TDG). The TDG scheme supports projects and activities that will have an impact on the strategic development and promotion of Teaching and Learning.

Check out this interactive and informative new website now, and explore various pilgrimage routes, their associated art objects and remarkable sites!