Department’s Exhibitions

The Department started to organize exhibitions even since its establishment. In 1978, A Retrospective Exhibition of the Works of Fan Tchun-pi was held at both the Pao Sui Loong Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, and the Fung Ping Shan Museum, marking the establishment of the Department. Ever since then, teachers and students would curate exhibitions together, sometimes at the Fung Ping Shan Museum, but more often in the Fine Arts classroom (MB240).

Over the past years, our staff and students have curated a wide range of exhibitions; subjected from Chinese ink painting, sculptures, to prints, photography, and installations. These exhibitions not only provided hands-on curating experiences for students; but also gave them the opportunities to interact with artists and the general public.

Alongside the exhibitions, the Department also published exhibition brochures and catalogues to engage students in academic research and writing.

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Selected Exhibitions

Paintings by Pau Siu Yau

10-30 Jun 1981

Nancy Chu-Woo: Drawings and Paintings of Human Figures

11-22 May 1987

A Sense of Place: Exhibition of Recent Works by Chan Chi-ling and Wong Wo-bik

15 Dec 1988 – 4 Jan 1989

Acrylic-Batik-Crayon Paintings by Janet Echelman

24 May – 30 Jun 1990

Engaging Tradition: Violation

19 Mar – 14 May 1994

Contemporary Currents in American Art

12 Jan – 7 Feb 1982

Art for Art ‘Sick’: Exhibition of Ricky Yeung

4 Sept – 3 Oct 1987

Intaglio Prints by Wong Chi Tim, Joseph

26 May – 16 Jun 1989

Paintings and Drawings by Mei Lo

4-22 Sept 1990

Chinese Folk Art Exhibition

3 Nov 1995 – 6 Jan 1996

Modern Sculpture from the Collection of Mary and George Bloch

29 Nov – 30 Dec 1983

Ink Painting by Liew Come Tong

4-31 Jan 1988

An Exhibition of Works by Chan Wan Yiu

9-23 Sept 1989

BODY: An Installation by Comyn Mo

5-20 Sept 1991

In the Footsteps of the Buddha: An Iconic Journey from India to China

26 Sep – 15 Dec 1998

Canadian Painter: Alex Colville

10 Jan – 9 Feb 1985

Janet Echelman: Recent Works from the Bali Studio: Acrylic Paint and Colour-dye on Canvas

13-30 Sept 1988

Life and Freedom: Sculpture by Norman W.M.Ko

3-31 May 1990

KARAOKE: A Photographic Installation

8-21 Sept 1992

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