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In a dark classroom, you hear the sound of the slide machine, and your gaze follows the gently dancing dust along the projector’s beam of light… memories of seeing slide projections in class are still vivid to a lot of art historians trained before the revolutionary use of powerpoints. [...]

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Learning about art from books and on screens is fascinating, but seeing works in situ, examining masterpieces in close proximity, feeling their scale and texture, such experience is just incomparable. What is more, when your classmates and teachers are all there together, going on a trip like that is perhaps [...]

Timber Hut

The Department Office of Fine Arts was temporarily housed in Timber Hut before moving to Fung Ping Shan Building in 1979. Timber Hut 松舍 once stood on a strip of land that connected the Main Building and the Chemistry Building (Hui Pun Hing Building 許磐卿樓) , known [...]


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