The History of Fine Arts Society

Encouraged by Prof. Chuan Shen, the Head of the Department at the time, the first cohort of Fine Arts students established The Fine Arts Society in December 1978. Prof. Chuan Shen was invited to be the Honorary President of the Society.

Even since its establishment, the Fine Arts Society has been actively organizing a wide range of activities, not only for students but also for the general public. In 1979 and 1980, the Society organized the Hong Kong Calligraphy Competition and Ink Painting Competition, attracting more than hundreds of participants to join the competitions.

The Society also organized events, such as academic seminars, museum visits, different kinds of social gatherings, fund-raising events, you name it. All these precious moments that we shared with our teachers and classmates, were times that we would never forget.

Society’s Highlights

Below are some of the activities organized by the Fine Arts Society over the past forty years.

The Hong Kong Ink Painting Competition at Loke Yew Hall in 1980

Calligraphy exhibition at the Central MTR station in January 1982

Going out with Prof. Chuang!

Calligraphy exhibition at Loke Yew Hall in 1982

“Man on the Brink” movie fundraising event at the Run Run Shaw Podium

1983 Joint School Art Exhibition

Prof. Shih at the opening of the 1986 Fine Arts Week

Society members at 1995 Open Day

The annual Fine Arts Festival in 1998

Mr. and Mrs. Chuang at the Department’s 20th anniversary dinner

2013 Orientation Day!

The annual Bazaar

Re-creating the portrait of Vincent Van Gogh at the 2015 Orientation Day

Visit to the “Dunhuang – Untold Tales, Untold Riches” exhibition at Hong Kong Heritage Museum with Dr. Koon in 2015

Visit to The University Museum and Art Gallery in 2019

Publications and Publicity

The Society also published annual reports, bulletins, correspondences, newsletters, academic journals, and “Mezzanine”. These publications not only inform members and students about course information, activities reviews, upcoming events; but also included artist interviews, academic articles, and exhibitions’ reviews.

Annual report






Artist interview

Inauguration Ceremony invitation card and programme

Fine Arts Festival poster

Society tea gathering poster

Gallery visit poster

Career talk poster