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About Application

Our MA programme delivers research-based teaching by world-class scholars, and is designed to empower students to acquire specialized knowledge and skills for further academic study, professional careers in the arts or other related creative industries.

We especially welcome applications from university students majoring in art history, as well as professionals already working in museum and other art-related fields. We will also consider applicants from another field of study or work if they have a strong academic foundation and significant art-related experience. For all applicants, a high level of English language ability is necessary.

The 2024/2025 application is now open, click here to apply now.
Application deadline: 16 May, 2024 12:00 noon (Thursday)

Application Process & Documents

All applications must be submitted through the university’s online Taught Postgraduate Admissions portal. The portal includes all the forms needed for an application. Please complete the online application form through the portal and email other supporting documents to the department at

All applicants must submit the following documents:

  • The application form (through the online portal)

  • A statement of purpose (no more than 1,000 words)

  • C.V. or resumé

  • A copy of their university transcript(s)

  • A copy of their university certificate(s) (if applicable)

  • An academic or professional writing sample in English (no more than 5,000 words, including footnotes and bibliography)

The following documents should be sent directly to our Department:

  • Two reference letters with official letterhead (by email)

  • Two referee reports (through the online portal)

All application forms and detailed instructions are available on the university’s online Taught Postgraduate Admissions portal

Please note we only accept documents and reference letters in English. For further information regarding documents, please refer to the FAQ below.

Original transcripts and TOEFL/IELTS reports should arrive by post within two weeks of this deadline. Late applications may be considered at the discretion of the department. We are reviewing the applications on the rolling basis, and you are advised to submit the application early.

For English language requirement, please click here for details.

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What is the difference between an MPhil programme and an MA programme?2022-08-10T09:09:11+00:00

The MA is a taught master’s degree. Our MAAH is a 12-month programme requiring students to complete six courses and write a capstone dissertation of 10,000 words. The MPhil, in contrast, is a two-year research-focused degree. Students take only a few short courses and complete a much longer dissertation under the supervision of their primary supervisor. The MAAH qualifies students to apply for our 4-year PhD programme; the MPhil qualifies students to apply for our 3-year PhD programme. Because of its emphasis on coursework, the MA is more recognized internationally as a qualification for overseas PhD programmes.

What kind of MA candidates are we looking for?2021-06-16T02:25:50+00:00

We are looking for applicants with a background in art history and professionals who are already working in art-related fields. But we will also consider applicants with a strong academic foundation and significant art-related experience even though they are coming from another field of study or work.

Does the Department offer a part-time MA option?2021-06-16T02:26:17+00:00

At the moment we only offer a full-time option and all our classes are held on weekdays during the daytime. Please stay tuned on our website for further updates.

How long should the academic writing sample be?2021-06-16T02:27:47+00:00

Please submit a piece of no more than 5,000 words (including footnotes and bibliography). Ideally, the piece should be in the format of a research essay. The topic should relate to some aspects of art history (if not, in the field of humanities).

What should I say in my personal statement?2021-06-16T02:28:17+00:00

Your personal statement is a critical component of your application because it allows us to better understand you, your interest in art history and understanding of the programme. But if you are reading this paragraph and contemplating an MA in art history we already know you love art. Do not start your essay with a statement to that effect. It is not necessary for you to tell us this or for you to repeat information in your CV or transcript outlining your qualifications (unless you wish to build on or explain this information in a specific way). Be as specific as possible. If you took a class in something that inspired you, or made a trip somewhere that was transformative, explain why and how. The personal statement is not the place for grand sweeping statements about the importance of art in society or how meaningful it is to you. Use the personal statement instead to impress us about your knowledge about the discipline of art history, or, explain to us what you don’t know but wish to learn. If you don’t have a background in art history, explain why you still think you would make a good candidate.

What are the requirements for admission?2021-07-14T02:44:55+00:00

We prefer applicants with an undergraduate CGPA of 3.0/4.0. For the English language requirements, please click here for details. Under certain circumstances students who do not meet these requirements may still be considered if application addresses any inconsistencies in undergraduate record or presents a reasonable argument for exception.


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