Our MA is a one-year full-time programme consisting of 60 credits of work as follows:

  • 2 required core courses (9 credits each)
  • 2 MA electives (9 credits each)
  • 1 MA dissertation writing workshop (6 credits)
  • 1 undergraduate elective (6 credits)
  • 1 dissertation of 10,000 words (12 credits)

2023-2024 Course List & Timetable

MA Core Courses

MA Electives

Undergraduate Electives


Semester 1
Semester 2
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Course Schedule

Semester 1

MA elective #1

Semester 2

MA elective #2
UG elective #1


Complete the dissertation

MA Dissertation Supervision


The dissertation supervisor will usually be a full-time teacher at HKU. Alternatively, the supervisor can be a museum professional or art historian outside the university if s/he has appropriate expertise in the student’s chosen topic.

All MA dissertations are examined by the supervisor and by a second examiner.


All courses, including the dissertation, are assessed with letter grades that correspond to point values, as in HKU’s undergraduate curriculum (A=4.0, B=3.0, etc.). Passing grades range from a high of A+ (4.3 points) to a low of D (1.0). Students earning very high grades receive the MA degree “with distinction”.

Policies on Plagiarism