Seminar in Chinese art

Lecturer: Angie BAECKER

Previously taught by: Roslyn L. HAMMERSYeewan KOON
9 credits

This seminar will focus in depth on one area of Chinese art history with an emphasis on object research and close visual analysis. Where possible, students will be working directly with objects. Students will prepare a seminar paper focusing on a specific artwork or type of artworks. They will further be encouraged to demonstrate a critical approach to a broad range of methodological and theoretical issues.

100% coursework



“The course provides a fabulous learning experience with Chinese painting. I love how Dr. Hammers constructs the course and how she leads us to go through many steps for a successful paper. Especially, I love the part when we work as pairs and try to understand the reading.”

ARTH7004 student, 2021-2022

“The structure and contents of the course are well designed to teach us how to do a good research on Chinese paintings of the middle age.”

ARTH7004 student, 2021-2022

“I got to view a lot of great Chinese paintings and to learn the approaches and styles of creating Chinese art.”

ARTH7004 student, 2021-2022

“We always get a chance to talk about our opinions on the artworks.”

ARTH7004 student, 2021-2022