Art, politics, and society in modern China

Lecturer: Angie BAECKER

Previously taught by: Yeewan KOON
6 credits

This course will provide an overview of the developments in the visual arts in China from the 19th century to the present day, and will relate them to broader changes in Chinese politics and society. It will look at the ways in which the physical materiality of objects, as well as the social roles of its makers and audiences, changed over this period. A broad range of visual objects will be covered in this course including paintings in different formats and mediums, architecture, graphics and photography. Our fundamental concern will be to examine art’s role in the rapidly changing world of modern China.

100% coursework




“An in-depth learning and overview of Chinese modern art.”

ARTH2051 student, 2018-2019

“The course structure is very well designed. All the points are very clear. Important points are reviewed again and again. I like the intensive intellectual interaction during the course.”

ARTH2051 student, 2018-2019

“Everything is clearly presented.”

ARTH2051 student, 2018-2019

“This course provides an in-depth, insightful and unbiased overview of a complicated period in Chinese history.”

ARTH2051 student, 2018-2019

“Clear organization of topics and themes. It promised a cohesive history of modern China and it delivered.”

ARTH2051 student, 2018-2019

“Great, fun, informative.”

ARTH2051 student, 2018-2019