Archaeology and digital humanities in the field

Lecturer: Peter J. COBB

6 credits

This course is an archaeological fieldschool that will travel to Armenia in the South Caucasus to participate in an actual archaeological field research project. Archaeology studies the human past by documenting and researching the material remains left behind by past societies – including landscapes, sites, architecture, and objects. In this course, students will learn all aspects of conducting archaeological fieldwork, starting with surface survey where the team hikes through the landscape to find new sites. Students will then help to excavate important archaeological sites that date back thousands of years. This course teaches how to record important data while digging using the latest digital humanities technologies such as drones, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), 3D modeling, and cloud databases. Students will also learn how to record and study ancient artifacts like pottery, bones, and stone tools. We will discuss issues in cultural heritage such as public outreach and the conservation of sites and objects.

100% coursework (graded on a pass/fail basis)