Peter J. COBB

Assistant Professor 助理教授

Tel: 2859-2532
Office: Room 210, Runme Shaw Building, Main Campus

BA, Dartmouth College; MS University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PhD University of Pennsylvania 

Dr. Cobb teaches courses on archaeological methods and theories and the archaeology of the ancient world, including experiential learning classes in Myanmar, Armenia, and the eastern Mediterranean. He conducts archaeological fieldwork in Laos, Armenia, and Turkey, and is the director of the Ararat Plain Southeast Archaeological Project (APSAP) in collaboration with the Armenian Institute for Archaeology and Ethnography. His research focuses on the Late Bronze and Iron Ages of the Eastern Mediterranean. Dr. Cobb is a specialist in the analysis of ancient ceramics and digital humanities methods in archaeology. He is a consulting scholar for the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) at the Penn Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, where he taught prior to joining HKU.

Dr. Cobb will be offering experiential learning classes to HKU students over the 2019-2020 academic year, visit the HKU EL classes site for details.

Mediterranean / Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Late Bronze and Iron Ages of the Eastern Mediterranean 

Current Courses

FINE2102 The connecting sea: an introduction to Mediterranean archaeology


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Reaching beyond HKU
Experiential Learning programme – Open Archaeology