Your personal statement is a critical component of your application because it allows us to better understand you, your interest in art history and understanding of the programme. But if you are reading this paragraph and contemplating an MA in art history we already know you love art. Do not start your essay with a statement to that effect. It is not necessary for you to tell us this or for you to repeat information in your CV or transcript outlining your qualifications (unless you wish to build on or explain this information in a specific way). Be as specific as possible. If you took a class in something that inspired you, or made a trip somewhere that was transformative, explain why and how. The personal statement is not the place for grand sweeping statements about the importance of art in society or how meaningful it is to you. Use the personal statement instead to impress us about your knowledge about the discipline of art history, or, explain to us what you don’t know but wish to learn. If you don’t have a background in art history, explain why you still think you would make a good candidate.