Upon visiting Tung Pang’s studio, Tung Pang asked us to look at the materials on his table without any prior explanation. He placed us out of his frame by letting us interpret the materials on our own. This visiting mode is new yet interesting to me. Looking through the objects on the table, I realized nature is closely embedded into Japanese culture, for example, Japanese textile patterns are often inspired by plant motifs. Tung Pang also raised an alternative perspective in understanding materials written in Japanese by only paying attention to kanji (漢字)in them. This may help us to apprehend it in a way that Japanese-speakers may not have thought of before.

Fascinated by Tung Pang’s idea of ‘Half-Step House’, I came up with the idea that we can put a live projection of the view in Tsunan and Hong Kong in each of the houses respectively. Such contrast may draw visitors’ interests and foster a better connection between the two sites. 

I am working on the research of yokai(妖怪)for the project and I hope my passion toward Japanese ghostly phenomena and yokai will be of use. As someone who loves drawing illustrations, I can help visualizing some of the ideas an example can be combining otherworldly creatures in Hong Kong and Japan in a single illustration.

Kristy Cheng
Kristy Cheng
Student Intern