Notice to Students on Writing and Submitting Assignments

1. Since it occasionally occurs that a student assignment may be mislaid or lost, students are strongly advised to make and keep a copy of any paper they may hand in. Students are also required to sign a department course form, in the department office, whenever handing in assignments or papers. Since material pushed under the door may not be recorded, this practice is strongly discouraged.

2. Students are also advised that, in future, the Department would like to receive a digital version of at least the text of any paper submitted. Such material should be kept on hand by the student, in case of loss or mishap.

3. PLAGIARISM.   The Department has decided to adopt a zero tolerance position with regard to plagiarism. Students are warned that they may be failed at once, if plagiarism is discovered. Students are further warned that the Department intends to use plagiarism software to detect such miscreant behavior. Plagiarism is dishonest, and equivalent to theft of intellectual property. Students are reminded that the Faculty of Arts is committed to rewarding original and honest academic performance, and punishing dishonesty.