Chun Wa CHAN

Honorary Assistant Professor 名譽助理教授


BA University of Hong Kong; MA University of Leeds; PhD University of Michigan

Dr. Chan’s research focuses on the intersection of Buddhist material culture, religious space, and social identities in early Japan. He was a fellow at the Institute for Research in Humanities (Jinbunken) at the Kyoto University, National Museum of Korea, as well as National Museum of Asian Art, the Smithsonian Institution. He has published in Japanese Religions and Japan Review.

Buddhist Art and Architecture, Japanese Art, Korean Art

Postwar photography and its role in the historiography of East Asian art

Selected Publications

“Portable Faith: Toward a Non-Site-Specific History of Buddhist Art in Japan.” Ars Orientalis 53 (2023): 3-22. (read)

“Fracturing Realities: Staging Buddhist Art in Domon Ken’s Photobook Murōji (1954).” Japan Review 34 (2019): 191-207.

“The Concept of Zushi: On Enshrinement and Mobility of Buddhist Art in Japan.” Japanese Religions 43 (2018): 17-37.

Past Courses

ARTH2048 Arts of Japan

ARTH2067 Architecture of East Asia

ARTH2097 Arts of Korea

ARTH3022 Visual culture of modern Japan

ARTH3025 Pious worldliness: Buddhist art and material culture

ARTH4002 Perspectives in Asian art