Roslyn L. HAMMERS 韓若蘭

Associate Professor 副教授
UG Coordinator

Tel: 3917-2612
Office: Room 10.19, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

BA University of Pittsburgh; MA, PhD University of Michigan

Dr. Hammers conducts research on the history of Chinese art and art theory. She is interested in the representations of labor and technologically-informed imagery. Her book Pictures of Tilling and Weaving: Art, Labor and Technology in Song and Yuan China (Hong Kong University Press, 2011) is a recipient of the College Art Association’s Millard Meiss prize. Her second book The Imperial Patronage of Labor Genre Paintings in Eighteenth-Century China explores later iterations of imagery related to the production of rice and silk. She is presently finishing a book-length manuscript on the Qing-dynasty Pictures of Cotton and writing an article on the reception of Chinese technological imagery in France and England during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Chinese art and architecture, South Asian art and architecture

Chinese art and theory, representations of labor and technologically-informed imagery

Selected Publications

The Imperial Patronage of Labor Genre Paintings in Eighteenth-Century China. New York: Routledge, 2021.

Pictures of Tilling and Weaving: Art, Labor, and Technology in Song and Yuan China. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2011.

“The Peony in Painting and Verse in China from the Eighth to the Thirteenth Centuries,” in David Michener and Robert Grese, eds., Passion for Peonies: Celebrating the Culture and Conservation of Nichols Arboretum’s Beloved Flower, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2020: 133-142.

“The Qianlong Rubbings of 13th-century Pictures of Tilling: A Tale of Three Grandsons,” Bulletin of the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong, 16 (2016): 106-112.

Khubilai Khan Hunting: Tribute to the Great Khan,” Artibus Asiae, 75 (2015): 5-44.

“Picturing tools for a perfect society: Wang Zhen’s Book of Agriculture and the Northern Song Reforms in the Yuan dynasty” in Journal of Song-Yuan Studies, 42 (2012): 279- 308.

Current Courses

ARTH3031 Image, text, visuality: Painting in and around China during the 12th to 14th centuries

ARTH4002 Perspectives in Asian art

CCHU9018 Art and Ideas: East and West

Past Courses

ARTH2053 Beauties and the beasts: Song and Yuan painting

ARTH2062 Land and Garden in Chinese art

ARTH2067  Architecture of East Asia

ARTH7004 Seminar in Chinese art


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Reaching beyond HKU
R.L. Hammers at the Oriental Ceramic Society HK – The Noble labour of the Qianlong emperor: The Pictures of Tilling and Weaving at work
The Labor of Good Governance: Cultivation Real and Imagined in the Imperial Garden of Clear Ripples in 18th-Century China,” at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California, May 21, 2021.