Land and garden in Chinese art

Previously taught by: Roslyn L. HAMMERS
6 credits

This course examines the history and significance of land and its depiction in China from the fifth to the twentieth century. We will examine the cultural circumstances that promoted landscape to one of the most important subjects in Chinese art. Emphasis is placed on historical and interpretive issues that are important to the analysis of artwork and meaning.

100% coursework




“I love the way that she delivered the lectures and tutorials humorously and vividly, which encourages us to engage more into the course topics.”

ARTH2062 student, 2020-2021

“Everything is clear and everything is explained in detail…I have never been confused with the deadlines or what to do for my tutorial classes.”

ARTH2062 student, 2020-2021

“The readings were really interesting and they provided really in-depth insight into the historical significance of each painting and era.”

ARTH2062 student, 2018-2019

“I really enjoyed the course. I liked how we surveyed it chronologically and everything was very clear.”

ARTH2062 student, 2018-2019

“I was fascinated by how the simple and boring Chinese paintings can ever bear so many sophisticated functions, identities and meanings!”

ARTH2062 student, 2018-2019

“The course was taught in a clear and organised way. I’ve learned the important artists in different dynasties and their characteristics.”

ARTH2062 student, 2018-2019