Ruby Pui Yi LEUNG 梁佩儀

Part-time Lecturer 兼任講師

Office: Room 10.24, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

BA, MPhil, PhD University of Hong Kong

Dr. Leung teaches courses on early Chinese art, history of Chinese calligraphy, painting and material culture. She completed her PhD in Art History at the University of Hong Kong in 2017. Her thesis, Bamboo in Principle: Ke Jiusi’s (1290-1349) Paintings and Knowledge in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), examines the representation of Yuan-dynasty painting motifs and their relationship with contemporary social-historical and philosophical contexts. Her research interests include early Chinese visual culture, Song to Yuan calligraphy and painting, and East Asian ceramics.

Chinese calligraphy and painting, and material culture

Chinese art and modern painting, and contemporary Hong Kong calligraphy

Current Courses

ARTH2091 Foundations of literati art and culture

ARTH2095 Venerated vessels: the history of Chinese ceramics

Past Courses

ARTH2062 Land and garden in Chinese art

ARTH2085 Chinese calligraphy: form, materiality and history

ARTH2088 Introduction to the material culture of China

ARTH2107 Early arts of China: Idea and image

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