Basic Navigation

To begin

Go to FAIVA: The landing page shows the Artist A-Z List.

Log in

At the top menu bar select Login to enter the teacher module. Enter user name and password, then click on the Login button. Teachers accessing the program for the first time will be prompted to change the password after logging in successfully.


The Imagelists page will appear. To start building a new list, click the +Create new imagelist button on the top left corner beneath the menu bar. To edit an existing list, click on the icon to choose.

Creating a new list

In choosing to create a new list, update the untitled list with a name by clicking on the icon at Current imagelist. Then click on the icon to choose the list.

Quick search

After selecting the imagelist to work on, you are now ready to start. There are 4 ways to search for images:  Browse by Artist, Browse by Course, Browse by Style and Period, and Perform a Search. With specific images in mind, you can make a quick search. Click on the Search button at the top menu bar, or Click on the link performing a search.

Search terms

Fill in the terms at the relevant fields, then click on the Search button when this is done. While entering the search term, a hit-list will open upon the 3rd typed letter. Click on a listed term to choose.

Search result

The relevant records will be displayed and the search terms applied are visible under Current search. Use the button to hide or show thumbnail image and detail information. Click on the image for larger view. To return to the previous page, use the Go back button.

Scalable image

For the image display, clicking on the thumbnail will bring up a larger size image. To further bring up a scalable full size image, click on the icon at the top left corner.

Advanced Guide
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