Studio visit is without doubt the most exclusive of art experiences. I was thrilled to bits when offered the opportunity to be one of those privileged few to pull back the curtain and have an up-close glimpse of where the magic happens. The actual visit went above and beyond my expectations. Intending to be equally stimulating for both Mr. Lam Tung Pang the artist and us the visitors, it took form of a freewheeling conversation. We were encouraged to engage actively with the artist’s work in the context of its creation, to make inferences from visual and textural clues, to have an opinion, and to share what well resonated with us. 

My attention was drawn particularly to the ideas of the “Half-step House” as (1) an allusion to a world full of contrasts from past to present, natural to artificial, local to international; (2) a place open to progress and change as “half step” can be used to describe the state of which we start doing something without the intention of finishing. The bombardment of creative ideas moved me to look at things with fresh eyes. 

Entrusted with the mission of assisting the artist in generating ideas and future directions for a way forward under the pandemic time pressure, I stand ready to contribute my humble efforts in any way possible.

Sally Lau
Sally Lau
Student Intern