Apart from being a visit to Tung Pang’s studio, the occasion doubled as a visit into Tung Pang’s mind. It was mesmerising to see the artist’s meditations all arranged on a table, especially in the warehouse environment of the studio. One could almost see ideas sprawling out of each item. A lot had happened in the visit, including a session where Tung Pang showed us a little allegory about his state of mind. I was so engrossed in the sheer number of ideas presented that before I knew it, our session had ended.

I was drawn to the wordy side of the project as soon as I saw a book on typography lying on the table, myself being a bit of a graphic design geek. Looking at the laser-cut sign of Tung Pang’s half-step house (半屋), I was captivated by how the font is reminiscent of both Songti and Mincho fonts. This could be a launching pad for me and/or for the project to explore the cultural intersections between Hong Kong and Japan.

Throughout the years I have become somewhat drawn to Japanese culture, sometimes slightly too much for my own good (being called a ‘weeb’ by my friends might be an indication). In this project, however, I think my knowledge could be of use, particularly in cultural and artistic references. Furthermore, my experience in graphic design might come in handy for arranging and visualising our findings.

Anyways, the studio visit has been stuck in my mind since, and I am incredibly excited for what is to come.

Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee
Student Intern