Timetable by Week

The next update of this weekly timetable will be around the end of August 2021.

Timetable by Semester

Semester 1
Semester 2

FINE1008 Introduction to the arts of Asia: past and present
FINE2013 Northern Renaissance art
FINE2031 Modern Western architecture
FINE2048 Arts of Japan
FINE2088 Introduction to the material culture of China
FINE2092 Photography in North America
FINE2101 Installation and participation
FINE2107 Early art in China: Idea and image
FINE3012 Cross-cultural interactions in the 19th century

FINE3022 Visual culture of modern Japan
FINE3029 Preservation and conservation: Practices and concepts
FINE4002 Perspectives in Asian art
FINE4005 Art history internship
FINE4006 Independent research project in art history
FINE7002 Art History: materials, techniques, and collections
FINE7006 Seminar in Western art, 15th to 18th Centuries
FINE7007 Seminar in Western art, 18th to 20th Centuries