Timetable by Week

Weekly timetable will be posted before the start of 2022-2023 first semester.

Timetable by Semester

Semester 1
Semester 2

ARTH1001 Introduction to western art history
ARTH2025 The art of the Baroque ca. 1560-1720
ARTH2027 The formation of modernity
ARTH2077 The European city in the early modern world
ARTH2081 Art history and its methods
ARTH2091 Foundations of literati art and culture
ARTH2095 Venerated vessels
ARTH2100 Body, gender and sexuality in contemporary art
ARTH2108 Emerging societies: An introduction to Mesopotamian archaeology

ARTH3014 The whys of where
ARTH3022 Visual culture of modern Japan
ARTH4002 Perspectives in Asian art
ARTH4005 Art history internship
ARTH4006 Independent research project in art history
ARTH4009 Perspectives in contemporary art
ARTH7002 Art history: materials, techniques, and collections
ARTH7008 Seminar in contemporary art
ARTH7009 Seminar in Art History research and writing