Timetable by Week

Timetable by Semester

Semester 1
Semester 2

ARTH1001 Introduction to Western art history
ARTH2030 Towards the global
ARTH2031 Modern western architecture
ARTH2051 Art, politics, and society in modern China
ARTH2056 Museum studies workshop
ARTH2062 Land and garden in Chinese art
ARTH2067 Architecture of East Asia
ARTH2084 Art of the classical world
ARTH2088 Introduction to the material culture of China

ARTH2104 Art of Renaissance Europe
ARTH3033 Sex, gender, and the body in early modern art
ARTH4005 Art history internship
ARTH4006 Independent research project in art history
ARTH4007 Sites of representation
ARTH7001 Art history: goals, methods, and writing
ARTH7004 Seminar in Chinese art
ARTH7009 Seminar in Art History research and writing
ARTH7011 Dissertation writing workshop