Timetable by Week

Timetable by Semester

Semester 1
Semester 2

ARTH1008 Introduction to the arts of Asia
ARTH2026 The age of revolution
ARTH2055 Crossing cultures
ARTH2056 Museum studies workshop
ARTH2061 Contemporary Chinese art
ARTH2072 Western architecture from Antiquity to Enlightenment
ARTH2076 The sculptural object in early 20th-century art
ARTH2093 Contemporary art in India
ARTH2094 Medieval art and architecture
ARTH2109 Art and life in Ancient Rome

ARTH3030 Interrogating the “Classical”
ARTH3031 Image, text, and visuality
ARTH3032 Art and architecture of colonial Latin America
ARTH4004 Perspectives in art history
ARTH4005 Art history internship
ARTH4006 Independent research project in art history
ARTH7001 Art History
ARTH7004 Seminar in Chinese art