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20Nov, 2020

Dr Baecker Awarded the Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant

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Congratulations to Dr. Angie Baecker, for receiving one of the 2020 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grants. Her winning article, entitled "The Art Group and the Avant Garde: Collective Practices and the Socialist Legacy in Contemporary China," "aims to challenge the temporal boundaries of the 'contemporary,' both as a concept and as a label, in order to create a more complete account for how the mantle of avant-garde practice was passed from the revolutionary guard to its political and cultural dissidents." Her inspiring endeavor has now been recognized and supported. Three cheers for Angie! Dr Baecker joined the [...]

13Nov, 2020

Dr Koon Receiving Outstanding Teaching Award

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Warmest congratulations to Dr. Yeewan Koon for receiving the University's Outstanding Teaching Award 2020! This award is a formal recognition of her teaching excellency. Over the past 15 years of teaching at HKU, she has inspired and nurtured thousands of art history students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her passion in art and critical approach to art history come through with her interactive ways of teaching. One former student recalls that "there were always a lot of back and forth questions, always challenging you to think further based on the readings and the images." To prepare students for [...]

13Oct, 2020

New Books

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Congratulations to Dr Hammers and Dr Koon for their research has recently turned into publications! The Imperial Patronage of Labor Genre Paintings in Eighteenth-Century China by Roslyn Lee Hammers [Forthcoming] Routledge, 2021. This book examines the agrarian labor genre paintings based on the Pictures of Tilling and Weaving that were commissioned by successive Chinese emperors. This book analyzes the genre’s imagery and poems in their historical context, and explains how the paintings contributed to distinctively cosmopolitan Qing imagery that also drew upon European visual styles. Roslyn Lee Hammers argues that the technologically-informed imagery were not merely didactic imagery to [...]

28Aug, 2020

Reopening of Department Office and Resource Centre

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As the University is continuing to transition back to normal levels of service, the Department Office and the Resource Centre (RC) will reopen on a regular schedule, Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm, 2pm-5:30pm. Department Office: Full access on 31 August and 1 September Limited access from 2 September to 4 September Resource Centre: Full access from 31 August onwards In order to reduce the risk of infection, our staff will have your temperature measured before you enter the RC. Students should also wear a mask inside.

31Jul, 2020

Teaching Faculty Awarded Early Career Scheme Grants

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Congratulations to both Dr. Chan and Dr. Sheng for awarding the Early Career Scheme Grants! The University Grants Committee (UGC) funded grants enable awarded professionals to carry out their research projects, and as academic outputs, their findings will be made available to a wider audience in forms of journal articles and/or other publications in the future. The two awarded on-going projects are: Ambitious Alignments: Female Emperors as Patrons of Buddhist Art in Early Japan Art, Women and Fantasies of ‘Homemaking’: Affective Domesticity, Embodied Habitation and Transcultural (Dis)identification



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